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All Swallowed In Their Scarves by JozJaeger

Hello I am from :iconbeaute-lamour: and I am here to provide a critique and hopefully it is helpful and remember all critiques are subjective :)
Okay to start I do like the concept of your art piece and I do love the abstract branch. I am also impressed by the fact that this was your 1st attempt at drawing a bird, you have a good understanding of the birds anatomy and make up. And I do like the hint of texture at the feathers of the little bird.
The thing I would tweak with the birds anatomy is the feet one is up and the other is flat, if the little bird is on a branch than it is likely that both feet should be consistent instead of one in a certain direction and the other foot in the opposite direction like this [link], if your working with perspective then just reference photos of birds feet to help, because references will never hurt a artist.
Okay so I assume you are going for full naturalism, in that case I say try to work with more shades of color and value. I understand water color unlike other forms of paint is rather difficult and unforgiving to work with because it is more transparent like almost working with a glaze and it is really tricky to keep it from slipping all over the place. But something that may help to get more range of color and value to add more dimension to the piece would be doing some scribble thumbnails before actually painting on what color scheme you like and what colors or saturation of those colors produce what so when you paint you will have no crazy surprises and you will be getting the most out of the paint. The range of colors will help give a great pop and more contrast to the white background because in nature things are not always what they seem especially with color things are usually different ranges of color or colors usually never thought that made up an object or etc. I also think it would help if the beak was darker and stood out more because it sort of blends in with the background.
Overall a nice piece with nice detail, I just suggest a great range in value,color and you can even try playing around with the textures of the wings more by just the stroke of your brush. And just a general tip never stop observing things you want to draw in nature and sketching it will make a world of a difference.But good job and I hope this helped :)
from :iconbeaute-lamour:
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JozJaeger Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2012  Student General Artist
Thanks for the critique! I really appreciate it :) You made a lot of good points.
Madame-Rien Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2012
you are so welcome :) if you wish for another one then please don't hesitate to submit :) or note us :)
-so happy new year
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