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Ok I will give you a really fair critique so please don't mind my honesty because I will be completely straight forward and honest with you. I am assume you want to at some point want to reach a level of naturalism/anime so I will be judging this on a more naturalistic and anime basis than say a abstract one.
Okay first of all with all artist there is always room to improve, with me I still need to improve a lot but here I also see a lot of room for improvement. I do like the concept you have and the idea you are going for. First of all if you prefer the anime style then you should try studying from life if you have not already started, anime style is not completely naturalistic like photo-copy art style but it still has lot of basis from nature and life, if it did not then we would not be able to tell they're were human like or if their hair was hair they would far more abstract than they do. So if you have time take the time to look at anything, a tree, a lamp or a couple of books and try to draw them as they are. Because art is juts learning how to see correctly and understanding what you see, its like learning another language it is hard at 1st because one does not fully understand the parts like words in a language but the more words you understand the easier the language is to speak, so art is seeing and understanding. So drawing from everyday things you see will seem pointless but it will increase your observation so when you draw you will do it with more accuracy and more attention to detail.
Furthermore, if you don't use references then I suggest to do so, they can never really hurt you to use them as basic tools for learning ( as long as you source where it came from). Her anatomy is not really believable. The structure of her arm also seems not believable as well, its nice you added the fat placement after the elbow but the wrist is in the incorrect position and so is the bone structure and facial muscles, it also appears that she does not have any shoulders because there is no joint or muscle, the human back is very very tricky to draw so you have chosen a challenging pose to deal but here is an example that may help you-[link].

So I think what can help is to study human anatomy so you can get an understanding of the bodies skeletal structure and muscles so when you draw the anatomy will not take away from your pieces composition.
Some tutorials that may help-[link]
anime head- [link]
hand- [link]

Also the ear is far to back, so if you want to practice with perspective then trying drawing out the human form in basic shapes as a whole first to see if your perspective is off because as artist we may not know what is off with our work but we will know something is not right. From this view the back of the ear would show more it would not be a profile view point.
Basic Perspective guide-[link]
Along with anatomy comes proportion now the in your art piece the head is rather large for the body, in some cases of anime the head is rather large for the character but in most cases it is pretty proportionate, so if you want to go for a more naturalistic or realistic amine style then here is my suggestion with proportion tutorial- [link]
also for general human drawing with proportion and all the basic try finding a pdf download of the book Drawing the Head and Figure by Jack Hamm 1963, it is really helpful and it should be a free download online I am sorry I don't have the link with me but you should be able to view it for free.

Okay so from your comment you are concerned with drawing hair, hair is very difficult and I am still not really able to do it well but like I said before look up hair in different hair styles. Now here something to drawing hair the key is lighting. Lighting emphasizes form and it is a pain lol but if you start to understand it your hair will come out much better. From what I see you attempted shading but not that much, your light source needs to be coming from one direction is the easiest to start off with and now the shadows do not really match one direction of light, so here is something I think will help. First light has 2 types of shadows cast which is the shadow that indicates something is in front another and form shadow which can be the most difficult, this is the shadow that you have done, the shadow where light hits an object and it is the parts that the light reaches less or does not reach at all. When there is a lot of light like the sun is the light source then the shadows are smooth and soft as they go from light to dark and if there is little light or if the object is closer to the light like a spotlight or a candle then the shadows are sharper and as it goes from light to dark the transition will be more abrupt and not very smooth. And it comes in different values, the three main values are highlights where the light hits the most, mid tones the area of some light but not the brightest and shadows where the light does not hit. A value scale will be really helpful tool to you for drawing-[link]
also this to show where light hits form-[link]

What I think that may help is that you can choose where the light is coming from before you start to draw or draw a little sketch of a sun to remind you what direction the light should go then erase it later.

With hair the key is light like I said, so what you can do is shade the shadows on the hair after you know where the light is coming from and then take an sharp erase tool to do the highlights. This maybe be able to help-[link]

And for wanting to draw different poses there are many tutorials that can help but what can help is drawing the figure in different shapes like the pose and fill in the anatomy later, references will hep you to do various poses,
like this-[link]
and a basic tutorial on drawing them-[link]

there is a lot of resources out there just look and experiment and add them to your favs if you find them on DA, my tips are to draw everyday and draw anything around the house that you see, also study human anatomy and body parts it will help making drawing really easy to have that understanding. Also to look at references for lighting and experiment with values basically just go out there and draw and draw some more, references will never hurt your art so use them if you haven't. Don't be afraid to ask for help or to be bold to try new art poses that you never attempted before and respectful feedback is always necessary. I hope I helped today and good luck your going to do great things just don't stop drawing :)
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