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006 Beltane by BlackHeresy

Hello I am from :iconbeaute-lamour: and I am here to provide you with a critique, remember all critiques are subjective and we will be completely honest and we hope this helps you out in the future.

Okay to start off the piece is very beautiful with nice vibrant colors, great contrast between the warm yellows and the cool magenta. The piece has a lovely serene mood and great atmosphere.

You did an amazing job blending in the braid, the roses and the windmill with the piece so much that I assumed that it was part of the photograph itself. So well done, but the suggestions that I and the other admins have for you is that subject needs to be unified with the background more. Because at the point it looks a little like two separate images and this is really just do to the color. A suggestion by co-founder :iconclass34:

“she needs to blend the background color with the subject matter.
For example her right side is softly over painted using 'Soft Light' brush mode in photoshop with tangy orange and the left side softly painted with magenta.

Since the major light source is coming from behind, the center region of the subject if dimmer and the use of rim lights is warranted. Meaning the edge of the subject glows and the center could dialed down on the 'Exposure' settings.
To paint light without over painting the details: Open a new Layer on top of everything, scroll the Layer's mode to 'Soft Light', then used soft round brush to paint the glow effects.
The use of 'Bloom' light where the light source from behind disperse partially onto the subject is begging to be used, this unifies the subject and the background.
Use the same technique like above by creating a new Layer.

To spot errors, she needs to look at the art with fresher view by flipping the canvas horizontally frequently in Photoshop; this techniques has been used by painters since the Renaissance era by viewing their paintings in the mirror.”

You have a really beautiful piece, the only major suggestion is unify the subject with the background color. You are a great digital artist and I hope this helped, if you wish for further critiques then please don't hesitate to note us or submit :)

-have a great day and keep creating
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BlackHeresy Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Many thanks for your critique!
I am glad you like and i agree all what you say!
Unfortunately some month ago i had broke my wacom so i have really a lot of difficult to draw details with the mouse! :)
In everyway yeah i have to train a lot with colours cause i am not still so good,
but with the time i will learn as better as i can!!! ;)

Madame-Rien Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2013
your so welcome dear feel free to come for more critiques and suggest our group to artist who would like extra feedback :hug:

I am sorry to here that and I understand what you mean, my 1st wacom bamboo got scratch because the driver stopped working so I adjust the pressure and when I was blending it got scratch pretty bad and so I had to save for a capture now the driver is not working either, and mouse painting is hard, it hurts the hand and arm to the point an artist can't stay on the computer for long. But what tablet did you have?

You have a very good understand of color, I am new to it and color is hard. But you have a great understanding, I say just experiment with pieces you done before with different color schemes and see what you can come up with, for artist color and light is the hardest step but it takes time to learn like all other things in life, your a great artist and are heading in the right direction :)
BlackHeresy Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
I had a wacom bamboo! :/
But now i try to have 230 euros for buy an Intuos 5S,
we will see if my chief will pay me enough!!! :D
Beh... are a lot of years that i am graphic designer,
i have 2 diplomes in it, but i had stopped to create for 2 years,
and now i restart to create something good that i like! :)
Madame-Rien Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2013
I had one too, they are good but for some reason the driver always gives me issues I have a capture now and same thing happened but the wacom team helped me so still praying it stays that way.
I hope you get your intous they look amazing but expensive I hope to get one day :)

That is incredible to be a graphic designer! I was a major in it but I switched because I was not learning anything the way the professor taught and he kept putting my work down, also I hated InDesign lol, now I am thinking of going to Fine art major or Animation.

It is great you started doing it again if you stop permanent the world would of lost such a talented artist :) Keep at it your work is beautiful :)
BlackHeresy Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Yeah but finally my chief will soon pay me so i will have it in few weeks!!! *_*
Is a dream nearly heheh

Euh... it depend, yes is a nice job, but i am a freelance graphic designer,
i work with more agencies about all over the world, and sometimes is really boring
cause give me some strange and difficult work where the client don't give me a good explication of what he want
so i lose a lot of hours for create something that's not what the client expect!
And with imposts is hard too cause here in Italy for freelance isn't at all a good situation! :D
But apart this little bad things yeah is an intresting work! ^^
Madame-Rien Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2013
That is great! :hug:

I know what you mean, I had to do a logo for this guy and he didn't even tell me what he wanted and I am not good at logos I am better at drawing people and stuff like that, my work is not so good so I did it for free( never again I don't care if my work is not good :D)but it was when I was younger so I was inexperienced and I did it, it took long he didn't even communicate nothing all he said was the letters in the logo no color nothing, so when I kept asking he still tell me nothing so I tried my best and I did 2 for him because I didn't want him to hate it so I emailed him to see if I was on the right track and he never email me back or call back I told him if he don't like it to tell me and he say nothing.
BlackHeresy Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
This kind of situations are for me regularly everyday!!! -_-"
Clients that aren't able to work in team!!
Ah... finally i have buy my intuos 5!!! *_* :heart:
Madame-Rien Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2013
Wow that must be frustrating really, I don't understand people at times how can they expect people to do their vision if they don't communicate anything, I had it once so I can't imagine it everyday oh my :/

congrats!!!! how is it like?
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